Our Team

Because it is the commitment and motivation of our people that make this business work. We strive to be known as the best supplier in our field, and while every year brings its own risks and challenges, our big, brilliant Carara family comes together season after season, working side by side to overcome whatever hardships come our way, consistently producing top quality fruits nourished by African sun and soil, destined to be enjoyed around the world.

Responsibility  •  Reliability  •  Quality  •  Consistency

At Carara, we refer to ourselves as a family. As the years have passed, our family has grown, but we have been incredibly fortunate that more than half of our current team members have been with Carara since our very first day. This has cultivated a rare company culture of true, authentic responsibility to each other, and to the business.

Each member of the team operates with integrity, no matter the task at hand. We share the Carara vision, to produce top-quality pickled products, in service to our customers across the world.

That vision originates in the nurseries, caring for and carefully cultivating our seedlings…and into the lands, supporting our wonderful farmers in nurturing their crops.

Carara’s in-house agricultural manager provides technical support to our network of dedicated growers. Under expert supervision, farm productivity is maximized ensuring an optimum harvest.

Well-managed crops are vital to Carara’s continued success: crop protection and hygiene are of utmost concern. The perfectly ripened results are handpicked with care and delivered directly to the nearest processing facility.

Carara continues the vision, by giving back within our social and physical environment. We aim to empower our communities through job creation, and essential community development programs.

It is the commitment and motivation of our people that make this business work; as we face the unique challenges that each season presents to us.

Our Values

Safety, Health and Housekeeping

We maintain the highest possible standard of safety and health in the workplace environment.

Quality, Safe Food

We guarantee our products to be consistently top quality, meeting and ensuring customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

Participation and Empowerment

We develop an environment in which our employees can experience involvement that matters, accountability for problem solving, creativity and decision making so as to add value to our company.

Customer Service

We will provide the best possible service to our local and international customers.

Community Responsibility

We uplift our community through job creation.


Communication and People Development

We promote good human relations and the opportunity to be creative and innovative.