Our Story

Carara started with a small group of individuals from varied backgrounds, all with a shared goal, to build a brand with integrity. From day one, the culture of responsibility to our employees, customers, communities and suppliers, has led Carara to its ambition.

From Southern Africa to the World

From Southern Africa to the World.

Established in 2004, a single food processing factory has flourished and expanded itself beyond its Grahamstown home. Over two decades, Carara now has a footprint across Southern Africa expanding to Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Having four different climatic regions and harvesting times allows our business to react to market demands and to try to mitigate any unforeseen climatic risk. We rely on our dedicated farmers and employees to meet our highest standards of processing pickled products for an export market. We take great pride in the support we can give our surrounding communities, and the many jobs we have created.

The cherry pepper is what we are best known for.

Selected and harvested from the fields of Southern Africa, the colorful, vibrant red and yellow cherry pepper is processed and packed in bulk packaging options in our factories, this beautiful fruit is purchased by global customers. Our pickled selection now also includes radiant orange sweetheart peppers, bright yellow patty pans and spicy jalapeños.

Carara strives to be known as the best supplier in our field. We face varied challenges every processing season, but we continue to meet these with resilience, as a growing Carara family, meeting our goal of consistently producing top-quality fruits nourished by African sun and soil, destined to be enjoyed around the world.